Cos'è il rugby


Rugby is a sport of noble origins, in which respect for the rules and the opponents is considered a fundamental value and therefore has, by its nature, a strong educational value. In addition to the aspects related to socialization, the practice of this sport offers young people the opportunity to confront their own and others' grit in a game context.

Rugby is defined as a contact and situation sport: contact, because the physical confrontation between the players is a constant of the game; situation, because in its evolution the ability to understand the momentary context in which each phase of the game develops concretely is becoming more and more important.

Rugby favors the aggregation of participants in the game, both through confrontation on the field, in compliance with the rules, and after the game. Typical of this sport is the performance of a "third time" entirely and exclusively dedicated to the eating of meals and drinks, offered by the host team.